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For any of us that have had a car for long, we are all too familiar with that dreaded light that starts glaring at us from its perch on our dashboard. It is the check engine light, or on some cars the service engine soon light.


The tough part is trying to figure out what will actually correctly get the check engine light reset. After all, to the normal eye, some light that just blinks a service engine soon light, or a check engine light, really doesn’t explain what is actually wrong with the car. Where do we even begin?15_Check_Engine_Light_Puyallup


Enter Puyallup’s own Car Clinic and Trucks Too. At Car Clinic and Trucks Too, we offer free check engine light diagnostics with no obligation. With over 50 years of experience, our knowledgeable staff will be able to take care of your check engine light reset mystery and let you know exactly what it will take to make sure and get your check engine light reset by correctly fixing the needed component.


Often times we’ll have clients that come in with a service engine soon light or a check engine light on that ends up being an indicator of something much more serious about to become an issue. After our free check engine light diagnostic, a quick and inexpensive preventative fix, and one check engine light reset, they are out the door for thousands of dollars less than it would have cost them if they had just ignored their service engine soon light until the car stopped functioning properly. Don’t wait for your car to stop moving before you address your service engine soon light; call the Car Clinic and Trucks Too as soon as it comes on and you may be saving yourself thousands of dollars in the long run. Come to Car Clinic and Trucks Too and get your check engine light reset right the first time!


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16_Service_Engine_Soon_Light_SumnerSometimes people will try to ignore their service engine soon light warnings by putting tape over the light, or sometimes even disconnecting it entirely so they wont be inconvenienced by having to take care of their vehicle.


In a day age where sometimes it takes technology just to understand technology, don’t let something like your service engine soon light dissuade you from driving safely. Call the Car Clinic and Trucks Too today and let us get your check engine light reset and your car back on the road safely and quickly!



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